FOPOPS does Community Recycling!

Money raised from the collecting of recycling at this event will be donated to FOPOPS - so a great way to recycle those those hard to recycle waste items and raise money for a great local and community cause ♻️🌎 

We will be holding our very first recycling event on SATURDAY 25th APRIL.

Come to the Upper School Hall between 10am and 12pm - Refreshments also available :) 

If you'd like further information, please contact us or see our Facebook page

At the recycling events there will be opportunity for you to recycle;

  • Crisp packets including outer multi bag packets (any brand) 
  • Pringles tubes including the plastic lid and foil seal (please squash) 
  • Pet food pouches and biscuit and treat flexible plastic packets (please give the pet food pouches a quick rinse and ensure they are dry) (any brand) 
  • Biscuit, cake bar and cracker wrappers and packets (any brand) 
  • Baby and toddler food pouches and lids and baby and toddler snack packets (any brand)
  • Any brand of items in the Garnier personal hygiene and beauty scheme (see poster below of what is accepted) 
  • Any brand of items in the Burts Bees Make up and beauty scheme (see poster below of what is accepted) 
  • RB Home Hygiene and Cleaning Scheme (see poster below of what is accepted) 
  • Carex refill pouches and pumps (see poster below of what is accepted) 

The events will also provide opportunity for people to bring along Items that Poppleton recycling do not directly collect but pass onto other collectors to help the community recycle even more items and to help make recycling easily accessible for people. 

More details of these schemes will follow: 

  • Writing instruments
  • Contact lens
  • Confectionery items - sweets and chocolate wrappers 
  • Colgate oral care scheme - Tooth brushes and tooth paste tubes 
  • Coffee pods and packets - only certain brands Are accepted 
  • Bread bags - only traditional sliced loaf bags are accepted no other bread products